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Excellent free Worms style game in 2D

In terms of originality, Teeworlds scores top marks. if you combined Hello Kitty with Kirby's Dreamland and Quake III, then you'd get somewhere close to the concept.You can choose from 17 Teeworlds character designs and fight against one or more...
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  • by Anonymous

    New version. There is a new version - 0.5.2 BTW: Great game :) I have a fansite about it too. It supports all major OS'es so everybody can play it :)

  • by Anonymous

    the best game ever seen. Fun & PRO at the same time!!! So cool!!! :D You must really try this game ^^ Pros: gameplay fun. Cons: nothing :D

  • by Anonymous

    cool. very very beautiful game. it's amusing... . cool